Update: State Implementation & Consumer Protection Bills PASSED!

Posted on September 1st, 2010 by HCAN California in California Implementation

Thanks to EVERYONE who made calls to their State Senators and State Assemblymembers over the last few weeks in support of the critical State implementation and consumer protection bills.

We generated more than 5,000 calls to legislative offices - and the results of this tremendous effort speak for themselves!

On Tuesday, the legislature passed the following bills (the last day of the legislative session):

* AB2470(De La Torre) on Eliminating Rescissions
* SB890(Alquist), to Standardize Benefits to Allow for Better Comparisons of Plans
* SB1163(Leno), to Provide 60 Day Notice and Transparency on Rate Hikes

Bills past last week include:

* AB1602 (Perez) & SB900 (Alquist), to Create a New Health Insurance Exchange
* SB56 (Alquist), to Foster New Public Health Insurance Options
* AB1825 (De La Torre), to Phase-In Maternity Coverage as a Basic Benefit
* AB1600 (Beall), to Require Mental Health Parity in Health Coverage
* AB2244 (Feuer), to Limit Premiums for Children with Pre-existing Conditions
* SB1088 (Price), to Allow Young Adults up to Age 26 To Stay on Parental Coverage
* AB2042 (Feuer),to Limit Rate Hikes and Changes to Once a Year
* AB1503 (Lieu), to Prevent ER Doctor Overcharges for the Uninsured
* AB542 (Feuer), to Prevent Medi-Cal Payment for “Never Event” Medical Errors

(Source: Health Access WeBlog)

Only one important consumer protection bill remains - AB 2578 (Jones) - introducing important oversight and regulations for when insurance companies try to raise our rates!

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